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About Us

Are you concerned with dirty roads and trash piling up on curbs? Are you looking for a service provider, who can clean the roads, remove junk from curbs, as and when required? Are you looking for a service provider who can maintain, trim and beautify your lawns, and home landscape, without spending a fortune?

Do you wish to get associated and linked with a service provider who can provide emergency labor services, which includes cleaning of roads after snowfall, removing leaves from the roads and dead animals?

If yes, then you are the right destination!

Welcome to Country Road Services, your one-stop destination for all types of road labor work, as and when required, anywhere in the state of Texas, US!

We are powered with a dedicated team of road cleaning and landscape care experts, who are licensed, certified professionals having decades of hardcore experience in solving all your problems when it comes to road works, lawn works and landscape work.

We have experience of over 30 years in dealing with all tasks related with roads, commercial properties and residential properties, in terms of landscape maintenance and optimization.

Our expert solutions cover both commercial and residential properties, and we are available on-demand: which means that we open 24 * 7; 365 days a year, every season and month.

All you need to do is, call us at 855-934-2851 or email us at info@countryroadservices.com with your specific need.

We will instantly dispatch experts and professionals at your doorstep, and your problem is resolved.

Next time you need expert help in cleaning roads, lawns and landscape, then all you need to do is, contact Country Road Services; and it shall be done.