Office Management

For many businesses the back-end administration tasks are not a priority and when you’re busy they can be left behind. We believe office management is the backbone of every successful business. We will help you eliminate some of these barriers to productivity by developing your office processes to improve efficiency. We can assist you with:

Team Manuals

Your business will function more effectively when all employees have a better understanding of their role and how it fits within your business. We can assist with Job Manuals (particularly helpful when an employee departs suddenly), Job Descriptions, setting and implementing KPIs and assist with writing Job Ads for new employees.

Developing WHS

We will help you understand your responsibilities as a business owner and assist in implementing an effective Work Health and Safety Program for your workplace. This program can then be implemented across your business via induction programs for new employees, training and drills.

Your Business Processes

Clear Processes in a business help define employees’ roles as well as ensuring the smooth running of each project. Projects develop according to a framework and defining that process helps all staff understand their roles and responsibilities.

Road Repair & Cleaning Services

Witnessed a road accident? Now help us to avoid them by letting us help you!

Many cases of road structures being hit by over-height vehicles not only cost a life then and there but also endanger the life of others with the ‘bruised’ road structures.

Country Road Services provides road maintenance and cleaning services that deal with all aspects of physical condition of road, be it carriageways, footpaths, streetlights, bus shelter, pedestrian overhead bridges or other structures.

Well-equipped with vacuum sweeping machines, cylinder brushes, aggressive brushes, ditch cleaner and maker, road side cutter or asphalt cutter, our trained and experienced employees are ready to commence cleaning of transport routes, removing weeds and coarse dirt, renovation of old ditches or making a new one, removing blockages in the road sides or cutting road surfaces to repair the potholes to deliver a service, never felt before!

We have qualified engineers who inspect the damaged area and assess the exposed pre-stressing steel or bars to be treated with primer, a protective coating before covering up followed by the formwork for repair work.

All you have to do is be quick with the information on building and location with a brief description of what needs to be done and we will take care of the rest.

Mowing Services

No longer have you had to deal with the drudgery of yard work or worry about equipment failure. This weekend take some extra time to relax with your family and believe in our services.

Country Goods Services offers you the licensed and trained staff to mow the grass, edging, leaf cleanup prune the shrubs and trees as well as taking care of lawn by using fertilizers and weed control.

Our service includes –

  • Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Sidewalk edging and porches
  • Removal of limbs and debris from lawn area
  • Blowing of grass
  • Clippings from curbs and patios
  • Weed eating
  • Blowing of driveway
  • Thatching/power raking
  • Sprinkler repair/ maintenance

Country Goods Services won’t leave until all leftover scraps and debris are picked up and properly disposed of so that you won’t have to lift a finger to enjoy a revitalizing outdoor experience.

Our professionals can also assist you with your lawn care through weed and pest control, aeration, coring, turf-layering, top dressing and repair so that can enjoy a lush, green and trimmed yard all by yourself.

Eager to make your lawns look good and greener – hire a lawn tech right away!

Our lawn care consultants are ready to take your call and help to assist you in any emergency.

Landscape Services

Want to live the space of your dreams? We, at Country Road Services can help you create one- a patio of your dreams.

We are dedicated to provide an enriching experience and add value to our customers. From basic design to bells and whistles we can guarantee you a satisfying experience with our installers who are capable of bringing your imagination to the ground surface reality.

Our designers and installers can give you what you need – an outdoor living space with features to make your patio an extension of living space.

We thrive on building long term relationship. From fire pits to, night lighting, seating walls, planting areas, steps and more, we are here to give those ideas life.

Our experienced designers will work closely with you, working efficiently and professionally so you can enjoy your new landscape.

We take pride in what we do and our services are built on trust and reliability. Our proven approach to landscape maintenance ensures we deliver consistent, reliable landscape solutions no matter how complex the property is. So sit back and relax.

While you enjoy your weekends be sure that we are here to keep your landscape in tip-top shape to bring your landscape vision to life.

Emergency Maintenance Services

Country Road Service provides 24*7, 365 days a year service to any emergency maintenance request. Any situation that requires our maintenance staff to visit a property to make a necessary repair after regular business hour will be dealt immediately.

Our maintenance services resolve issues and prevents breakdown before they occur. When an emergency situation occurs, we act fast.

We know how inconvenient it can be when an emergency situation and maintenance problem occurs and so we want to assure you that it’ll be all handle by our trained and skilled employees and that we have got you covered.

No matter how big or small maintenance projects are, our experts can handle them ranging with drywall rough carpentry, paintings, repair and more.

Circumstances where health and safety are threatened or damage is being or has been caused to the property such as uncontrollable water leak, backed up sewer, smell of gas or electrical problem, don’t ignore or hesitate to call us. We are ready to provide you assistance of any kind with our 24*7 services.

If any of the listed situations require any kind of repair done, it would be dealt immediately.

HVAC maintenance - to keep your plumbing, heating and cooling system running smoothly.

Electrical – no access of electricity to major appliances such as refrigerator, stove

Plumbing – water supply issues or clogged sewer pipes.

Appliance repair – refrigerator not working.

Structural damage – elevator malfunction, storm damage to roof, etc.

Security – broken lock or window allowing for potential break in/burglary, fire system not working, sprinklers running.